Implant Process

Here at Sharma Oral Surgery, we aim to make your Implant Process as smooth as possible. We want you to know the entire process prior to getting started. We walk you through every step of your care, making sure all of your questions are answered before moving onto the next step. We work closely with your General Dentist to assure a smooth transition from surgery to restoration.

As you can see in the table below, There are a couple different steps to the implant process. The first steps are completed in our office, while the last step is completed by your General Dentist. We extract the tooth, add bone grafting material, then place the implant. After you are healed and the implant has successfully integrated with your jaw bone, you can then return to your General Dentist who will place a crown (tooth) on top of the implant. 


        **Deviations from this process may be needed based on the individual