Oral Surgery Process

Most of our patient care processes follow these 3 steps/appointments.

For more detailed processes for Implants or our Refresh Smile Program, click the links below.

The Consultation Visit
This consultation visit allows you to meet Dr. Sharma and our team, have a thorough examination, have all of your questions answered, and make sure you are comfortable moving forward with your care. We will then present the cost of your care and schedule you for your Surgical Visit. If you plan on using dental benefits to help pay for your care, we will also let you know how much we estimate for them to help you at this visit.

The Surgical Visit

This surgical visit is when you will receive your treatment. Dr. Sharma and his team have time blocked off specifically for you and your care so that your surgery goes as smooth as possible. We will send you home from this visit with a home care goody bag complete with extra gauze, detailed home care instructions, ice/heat packs, and a custom fitting wrap for those packs!


The Follow Up Visit

This follow up visit is our chance to check and make sure you're healing properly and to answer any further questions you have about your home care. These visits are included in the cost of your treatment. After this visit you get to brag to your Friends, Family, and General Dentist about how great you did! :D
*The number of Surgical or Follow Up Visits you need depends on your selected treatment.