The OLE Study Club presents a unique experience mixing the culinary arts and dentistry to create moments to be savored & remembered. Our 2017/2018 will feature Mystery Dinner Nights.  Join us from September through April as we experience a learning environment like never before!

The OLE Study Club is going back to the basics.  We began as a place where conscientious general dentists can aspire to be the best they can be.  A place to learn and share dental concepts, techniques, materials, and life/practice topics with each other from the best in the country.  To be exposed to multiple prospectives and look beyond our local reality without having to leave home.  My goal was to create a safe environment amongst peers and friends where listening and sharing is valued above all else.

This year I want to remind ourselves of this purpose again.  To achieve this, the OLE Study Club will focus its attention on providing 7 unique educational experiences.  These programs will span from September through April.  This will include 6 evening programs and 1 half day Friday program that includes your team.  I want each night to be worthy of your time and support.

Dr. Sharma is the director of The Outer Loop Education Study Club of Charlotte, a division of the Seattle Study Club. The primary objective of the organization is to further the understanding of Comprehensive Treatment Planning for the dental patient. The organization achieves this by bringing nationally known speakers, exploring current concepts, peer evaluation and sharing, and Team development locally to the Charlotte area, offering over 60 hours of continuing education for doctors and their team members each year! Through these multidisciplinary events, the quality of dentistry that is provided by the members grows to higher and higher levels.


Beginning 2017 Session: Thursday, September 7th @ Ballantyne Country Club

2017/2018 Topics To Include:








2017-18 Members

Deborah Aten

Michael Bellamy

Robert Bowman

Sonia Chopra

Grant Coleman (Orthodontist)

Carolyn Crowley-Correll

Matthew Ficca (Periodontist)

Anthony Garofalo

Sheila Holt

Kari Langley

David Markham

John Ruocco

Priveer Sharma (Oral Surgeon)

Mark Tadrissi

Leo Uicker

Smita Warrier

Steven Ghim

Skip Schramm

Paul Palermo

Brian Clarke

Bradley Callahan

Alex Ramos

Milagros Diaz

Mahortta Pooja 

Bill Conklin

Hugh Ogletree 

Warren Surface

Michael Gross

Bob Binkley

“There is no difference between a person that reads and one that can not read if the person that can read chooses not to."

– anonymous

The Outer Loop Education Study Club is committed to reading, sharing, and learning from each other. 

Have Questions? Email Brittney at or call 704-541-6070.