Implant Supported Teeth Vs. Traditional Dentures

Not everyone knows that there is an alternative to traditional dentures - not only an alternative but a better choice. Implanted supported teeth provide a safer, stronger and overall better option.

Implant Supported Teeth

Photo by LuckyBusiness/iStock / Getty Images

Secure and confident smile
Ability to enjoy all your favorite foods
Aids normal and healthy digestions
Creates normal bite force
No acrylic on the roof of the mouth
No denture adhesive required
Maintains jaw bone
Provides long-term stability
Maintain essential nutrients


Traditional Dentures


Loose and mobile
Limited food choices
Reduces normal and healthy digestion
Reduces bite force
Acrylic on the roof of the mouth
Causes loss/thinning of the jaw bone
Reduces normal B12, folic acid and albumin levels