Outer Loop Education Study Club

Traditional Dental Lecture Series

‘The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.’

Evaluating Office Compensation and Benefits

Virtual Collaboration

Everyone in our community will be asked to anonymously complete an online survey regarding compensation and benefits offered within their office. There will be a heightened focus on associate compensation, temporary doctor coverage, hygienist, and staff total benefit packages. The results will be aggregated, compared alongside National Benchmarks, and shared. This then gives us the opportunity to openly discuss the findings and explore what matters to us and our teams as we return to work. Furthermore, we will be able to inspect how things may have changed due to the Covid 19 shutdown, giving us the resources to make any adjustments deemed necessary.

Introduction to Bioclear Biofit Matrix Technique

Virtual Collaboration

Learn a new clinical skill: You will have the opportunity to hear Dr. David Clarke, the developer of the Bioclear Biofit Matrix Technique, explain the history, value and uses of bulk fill composites and alternative prep designs. This event is designed to help you determine if you would like to take Bioclear’s certification course in the future.

Bohemian Jazz Retreat

Speaker: Dr. Ed McGlumphy
October 3, 2020
8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Create your own staycation in Charlotte! As a study club we will meet Saturday morning at Charlotte’s newest upscale hotel The Grand Bohemian to hear from Dr. Ed McGlumphy from 8am to 1pm. He will share what history tells us about implants, implant supported restoration design, and the All On 4 Solution. After lunch take time to spend your free time with family and friends while enjoying the roof top lounge or any of your other favorite downtown sites. After dinner you and your significant other are invited to reconnect with the whole group for lively New York Jazz at Middle C Lounge. Your guest’s cover charge is included! Our hope is that this will give us an opportunity to create new friendships and build on existing relationships we found to be so important in the spring.

Learn Together How to Manage Overdentures

Speaker: Dr. Nader Sharifi
November 11, 2020

Join us for a lecture with Dr. Nader Sharifi, this activity will allow us to review planning of overdentures, implant positioning, predictable pickup techniques and troubleshooting common issues. The plan is for this to be a collaborative venture with other study clubs within our greater Seattle Study Club network. With this interaction we will be able to validate what we know, ask questions, and learn about the experiences in other communities around the country!

193x193-Dr-Sharma-Junior-Sharma-Oral-Surgery-Charlotte-NCNC Required Opioid Class with Your Team to Improve Patient Care

Speaker: Dr. Priveer Sharma
January 12, 2021

Dr. Priveer Sharma will fulfill the Certified CE program for North Carolina state requirements on opioids. We will review the importance of opioid management, along with alternative measures. We will demonstrate how to use the National Database to protect yourself from opioid seeking patients. Additionally, we will help you create office protocols and e-prescibe option for prescription management. Your team are welcome join us so they are aware of the guidelines and can be fully equipped to help you manage patient pain.

What Defines A Healthy Face. The Interplay Between Growth and Development

Speaker:Dr. Rebecca Bockow, and Dr. Michael Gunson
February, 2021

Dr. Rebecca Bockow, and Dr. Michael Gunson, take time to explore what defines a healthy face. Rebecca, a board-certified orthodontist and board-certified periodontist and Michael whose practice is limited to facial esthetics and reconstruction take time to view the significant milestones in facial growth and development that can impact the adult face. They explain how facial growth, facial breakdown, facial compensation are all connected.

Building A Team That Represents You and Your Key Differentiator

Speaker: Todd Williams
March 12, 2021

Todd Williams is the senior learning manager at Four Seasons. To maintain consistent, high-quality costumer care across the whole chain he is responsible for setting the training schedules and agendas for all Four Seasons resorts. He also works as a private consultant for the Denver hospital system. You are invited to join us on Friday March 12th for a half day of interaction and training with your entire team. Mr. Williams will share how we can build patient trust through authentic interactions, use relationships to improve patient care experiences, help our teams connect to your practice philosophy, while helping each of us define what our strengths are. Most importantly, we will each answer the question “How do we and our teams shine?”

A Practical Review of The Treatment Planning Series with Your Colleagues

An Interactive Discussion
April, 2021

Putting it all together. An interactive discussion of the treatment planning lectures presented throughout our study year. We will review together the pearls learnt from each session and how we can put them into use in our practices. Reviewing new ways to collect information, new science, new ideas, and new procedures, allows us the possibility to grow both our practices and as doctors.


Treatment planning series

‘Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way.’

I have opened my vault. I want to share with you lectures that I have collected where dental leaders review their methods to establish predictable outcomes for their patients. These are supplemental lectures will be made available throughout the academic year. You will be able to watch them at your convenience. The final Study Club program will bring all these lectures together.

Does How We Breathe Matter?

Dr. Steve Carstensen, DDS

Functional needs – Esthetic Desires

Dr. Gerald Chiche

Smile Design for Modern Dentistry

Dr. Christian Coachman

Key to Successful Long-Term Clinical Outcomes

Dr. Ariel Raigrodski

A Patient’s Risks determines the restorative approach

Dr. Amanda Seay

Learn simple criteria to distinguish between a routine restorative case and an interdisciplinary case.

Dr. Paresh Shah


Growing Together Series

‘The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.’ — Ferdinand Foch

The Covid 19 shutdown taught us that we can enjoy topics that stimulate our minds and hearts alongside those that enrich our professional lives. Throughout the year we will be sharing programs that you can watch with your family and teams. These programs will focus on helping our mind, body, and spirit be as healthy as possible. We are excited to add this series of lectures to our traditional programming. Here is a synopsis of the material being offered.

Observations and Thoughts From Experience Working With College Freshmen Students

Julie Lythcott
Was the dean of first year students at Stanford University for 10 years and an author. She will share her observations and thoughts from her experience working with college freshmen students.

Creating Vitality Restoring Reality

Jason Wrobel

Jason is a chef, author, and speaker focused on creating vitality restoring reality.

The Pillars of Health

John Pierre

John will talk about staying mentally sharp as we age through his presentation on The Pillars of Health.

Identity Theft: Understanding Where You Are Vulnerable

John Sileo

After being a victim of identity theft he became a consultant about Cyber Security to help others understand where they are vulnerable.