Outer Loop Education Study Club

‘Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames’ —Rumi

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COVID-19 UPDATE (Aug. 2020):

The OLE Study Club is going to look very different this year. We want to thank everyone who has been in contact and shown interest in joining the Study Club for 2020.

Planning in the fall has turned out to be a challenge due to the very fluid situation created by Covid-19. We are trying to make the OLE Study Club both practical and beneficial for all involved. We are aware that life has all of us moving in many different directions both in our professional and personal lives. The heart of the OLE Study Club is more than an avenue to CE, it is a dental community that through shared experiences comes together, grows together, supports and upholds each other, where trust is built and friendships grow.

Dr. Sharma is dedicated to protecting this community and does not want the impact that Covid-19 has had on our lives to be a barrier to us connecting. We will deliver an on-demand curriculum that you can watch at your convenience, along with a private forum to share your thoughts, ideas and questions. You can expect the programs to be consistent with the content you have come to expect from our group. While our lives are still looking for their new normal we will provide these programs and forums at NO CHARGE, come, participate, because we are stronger together.

By clicking the REGISTER button below, you will be redirected to fill out a simple contact form to show your interest in joining the OLE Study Club. Following the completion of that form, you will have full access to the virtual lectures.

Let’s stay connected, Lets be there for each other, Let our group help each other to find the normalcy we all are craving to rediscover.

The goal for the OLE study club is to stoke the fire of inspiration that will drive us to become stronger practices, professionals, and friends, and goal remains the same for 2020. As we begin introducing videos and virtual presentations, I hope that you will agree that each educational piece has been designed to give us ways to connect with each other as colleagues and friends, to learn clinical skills, and support our families and teams. Together 2020 will be our best study club year.

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