Outer Loop Education Study Club

‘Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames’ —Rumi

The goal for the OLE study club is to stoke the fire of inspiration that will drive us to become stronger practices, professionals, and friends.

The 2020 Ole Study Club curriculum strives to fulfill these goals while building in flexibility that the next 6 months will demand. Plans and venues may change, but my promise to you is to work tirelessly to create an academic year that stimulates our professional curiosity and meets our daily challenges.

As accompaniment to our traditional dental and team focused lecture series 2 additional tracks have been added.

Please look at the three-individual series of programs we created for the upcoming year, the diversity of topics was deliberately chosen to expand our professional and personal lives. Some of the sessions will be recorded lectures that can be shared with your families and teams or watched individually based on your availability. Some will be shared live, virtually or in person, so we can benefit from a group discussion of the material. Our goal is to be flexible and keep everyone safe.

I hope that you will agree that each series has been designed to give us ways to connect with each other as colleagues and friends, to learn clinical skills, and support our families and teams. Together 2020 will be our best study club year.

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