Bone Preservation

Typically a surgical procedure performed right in our Charlotte oral surgery office in just one appointment. Bone preservation is a technique used to create supporting structures for dental implants and eventually rebuild the tooth, jaw bone & gum line. Bone preservation is crucially important since it can impact the success of future dental surgeries.

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Types of Bone Preservation

Also known as osseous surgery, periodontal pocket reduction is an in-office procedure used to counter the effects of periodontitis. The procedure entails cleaning out pockets of bacteria that have become trapped below the gum line and possibly a bone graft to the jawbone to reduce size of pocket in the damaged tissue. Sharma Oral Surgery can use this as an additional procedure when significant periodontal disease is found and requires it.


There are two types of sinus augmentation sugeries. One is called a sinus lift, the direct procedure of adding material to the upper jaw in the area of the sinus to create space for implants in the upper jaw. The other is called a sinus bump, the indirect procedure of pushing the sinus upward and adding grafting bone to increase to better allow for dental implants to be placed.


This procedure adds material to the jawbone to improve the shape and contour of the socket after a tooth extraction. Simply, it is a type of bone graft that is used to create a suitable area for implants that replace the former tooth.


A procedure that aids greatly in preparing deteriorated gums prior to adding dental implants or when gum tissue has receded. Usually, material from the palate is used to repair damaged areas of the gums. (Image shows a dental implant rendering in 3d graphics)


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