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Overcoming Hurdles and Restoring Smiles

When teeth are lost, the body resorbs the bone that once supported those teeth. Over time, extensive bone loss in the upper jaw can make the placement of conventional dental implants unfeasible. Fortunately, Dr. Priveer Sharma possesses specialized training as an oral surgeon to perform zygomatic dental implant procedures. This approach to dental implants negates the necessity for bone grafting or a ridge augmentation while offering a full arch of robust, secure, and naturally appearing replacement teeth.

If you’ve faced rejection from other practices or been told you’re not a suitable candidate for dental implants, hope remains. Only a select few surgeons across the country offer zygomatic implants. With his proficiency in advanced dental surgeries, Dr. Sharma has the knowledge and experience to consistently deliver successful outcomes with zygomatic implants. At Sharma Oral Surgery, we take pride in providing this specialized dental implant solution to Charlotte, NC, communities. You deserve to savor your favorite foods and possess a smile that fills you with pride!

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Zygomatic Implants: Elevating Your Smile and Minimizing Complexity

Zygomatic implants are strategically positioned within the zygomatic (cheek) bones, renowned for their robust and stable structure. These implants present an excellent solution for individuals who face significant bone loss or lack the necessary foundation to support traditional implants, eliminating the need for additional procedures like bone grafting.

The placement of zygomatic implants represents one of the most intricate procedures in implant dentistry. Remarkably, they provide a less invasive alternative for patients requiring extensive measures to create sufficient bone volume for traditional implants. With nearly two decades of experience, Dr. Sharma routinely performs zygomatic dental implant procedures in Charlotte, NC.

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Benefits of Zygomatic Dental Implants

  • Avoiding the need for additional procedures like bone grafting.
  • Strong, secure, life-like prosthetic to rebuild your smile.
  • Reliable, long-term function.
  • Your new teeth can frequently be placed immediately
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Our Zygomatic Implant Process

We understand the frustration of dealing with missing teeth and bone loss, especially when you’ve been turned away from the transformative potential of dental implants. Advanced surgical techniques like zygomatic implants offer renewed hope for rebuilding your smile permanently. Your journey toward restoring your smile begins with a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Sharma employs 3D cone-beam CT scans to plan every aspect of your procedure with digital precision meticulously. Your comfort during the procedure is paramount, and we offer various anesthesia options to ensure a suitable choice for you.

Dr. Sharma strategically places your implant posts within your zygomatic bone at a 45-degree angle, ensuring maximum stability. In some cases, conventional dental implants are also placed where sufficient bone volume exists, further enhancing the stability of your new smile. Once your implants are placed, we’ll attach your temporary restoration so you can enjoy your teeth immediately! The healing process typically spans several months, with most patients experiencing minimal discomfort only during the initial days.

Since this treatment obviates bone grafting, we can often expedite your treatment process, providing you with a functional and aesthetically pleasing new smile more swiftly than conventional approaches. Once your implants have fully integrated with the supporting bone, we can place your stunning final restorations, granting you a smile you’ll cherish for a lifetime. With zygomatic dental implants from Sharma Oral Surgery, you can permanently elevate your quality of life!

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