These amazing 3D scanners help Dr. Sharma plan and architect any procedure you can imagine. The scans can be used to construct incredible dental structures by connecting with the latest computer aided design software. Imagine being able to view your brand new smile before your procedure starts!

Leucocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin is a substance that has been shown to greatly improve the regeneration of dental tissue and is used to speed recovery times after oral surgery. Sharma Oral Surgery has a lab for producing L-PRF on site and can be used in certain situations to aid in post-procedure recovery.

The dual benefits of lower doses of radiation and better imaging are the main reasons that Dr. Sharma has chosen to include this cutting-edge technology in his practice. Ask about it when you schedule your visit.

Having the ability to custom 3D print models of a patients’ oral structures and/or appliances gives us unprecedented foresight into planning only dreamed of several years ago. Gone are the days of messy pastes and inaccurate moldings. Today, at Sharma Oral Surgery, precision planning is guaranteed.

The most perfect procedure in the world is only as good as the follow-up treatment and recovery management. The team at Sharma Oral Surgery pride themselves in providing comprehensive dental health strategies to our patients. Designed for long-term success, our plans are carefully crafted to fit each patient’s situation uniquely and completely.

What if you could get a glimpse into the future? That’s exactly what Sharma Oral Surgery achieves with dental simulation software to help create the perfect plan for your dental well-being. From procedures to physical appliances to reconstruction, our dental simulation software allows us an incredible level of precision for you and your family.

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